Wedding Flowers

We offer wedding packages making it easy to sort your wedding flowers for your big day.

You choose the colour palette of the flowers and bouquet styling to match your wedding theme.

Bouquet stylings include:
• Rustic (loosely structured ‘wild’ bouquet, using lots of different textures)
• Formal (very structured ‘rounded’ bouquet, using focal flower varieties and limited foliage)
• Garden (a mixture between a rustic and formal styling, relatively structured with a generous use of foliage and textures)
• Seasonal (a ‘simple’ wedding style using a mixture of flowers and foliage)

Colour palettes include:
• Pastel (pale pinks, mauves and whites with foliage to match)
• Autumnal (Burgundy, moody reds, peaches, oranges and off whites with foliage to match)
• Brights (yellows, oranges, reds with foliage to match)
• Whites (brights and off white colour scheme with foliage to match)
• Your specific colour palette (let us know the specific colours you would like included)

You can add additional bridesmaid bouquets, buttonholes and corsages to any package.

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